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What to Expect when Rebranding or Refreshing your Gas Station’s Image

Change can be good — even great — when you’re running a service station. A fresh look for your convenience store and the pumps is attractive to customers, signaling that you’re keeping up with the times. But what can you expect if you’re refreshing your image or rebranding your station entirely?

Refreshing and rebranding are two different things.

An image refresh means you’re upgrading your site with new imagery from your current brand. Marathon and BP, for instance, are coming out with new imaging for its sites. Your canopy, pumps and main identification sign may get a new look. The sign might even get new technology, transforming from a manually changed sign to an LED sign, depending on the brand.

You’ll have freshly cleaned pumps with new decals and nozzle covers. A paint job may be involved. The refresh likely will be initiated at your brand’s corporate level. A jobber such as Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance will create a brand refresh package individualized to each site.

A rebrand means your service station is transferring from one brand to another. Your imaging will change on everything brand-related at your site. In some cases, three-dimensional signage will be added, like that associated with Marathon or BP. The transformation may be much more involved than a refresh — though a brand refresh can be quite involved, too.

In either case, your station and store have to meet standards set by the company.

Expect several conversations about what will be done to your site. Contractors will visit to take measurements and pictures. Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance gets a handful of quotes from contractors to get the best deal for a service station. It also talks with the brand so they know the scope of the work involved. Costs are specific to the project and the contract.

Service stations have a role, too. They will have to get documents signed and notarized to make sure all the permitting is in place for the changes, and they’ll have to provide copies of the paperwork. Getting permits may be easy or more involved, depending on local regulations.

You’ll need a little patience with the process. Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance communicates with service station owners while gathering price quotes and during the transformation. They aim to convert a site within a 90-day window, though any issues with permitting or material supplies may mean it will take a little longer to complete the project.

Still, the brand refresh or rebranding will result in a renaissance at your gas station and store that will send the message to customers and the community that your site is vibrant, clean, current and ready for their business.

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